Gaylene's Kitchen

Gaylene's Kitchen, The Heart and Soul 

of the Elite Redgum Restaurant by Night and the 

Redgum Cafe' for a Brunch by Day.

Gaylene's Kitchen is the engine room for the Elite Redgum Restaurant now open in Dandaragan at the Redgum Village. The new Barn Style Country Restaurant creates a relaxing evening atmosphere with a touch of etiquette.Want a Brunch through the day?
Gaylene's Kitchen will open through the day if a group / club / organisation pre-book in the Redgum Cafe. 
A more casual setting with the same country relaxing atmosphere.

We have different dining options:

A La Carte' in the Redgum Restaurant / Cafe: After opening on election day we will have pictures with people in them.

  • Tables for 2 to 8

  • Private Dining for up to 16

  • Coffee?

  • Group Booking of whole Restaurant

A Farm Advisory group came to Dandaragan and dined in the Redgum Restaurant as a private function. They had a preset menu from "Gaylene's Kitchen".
On this occasion, the meal was Buffet within the Restaurant because this is what they requested.
Homegrown Dandaragan Organic Beef was the star of the dish and the best compliment a cook / chef could get is when the owner of that organic beef said it was "cooked to perfection".
As only Gaylene would.

The Redgum Restaurant does provide an A la Carte'  service with very generous portions for function groups up to 50. 

Buffet in The Dining Hall:
Where In-House Guests with Accommodation Packages Dine

  • Off the street, 
  • Too short notice, but can dine in the restaurant if tables available 
  • in-house guests


This group of car enthusiasts above required a Cooked Breakfast from the Dining Hall.
The night before they had a BBQ under the sails.

They were not disappointed.
Many also struggled to name the celebrities and sports-persons on the Dining Room wall pictures.

Short Notice Bookings can dine in the Restaurant subject to availability, we highly recommend you make a booking 24-hrs in advance
Off the street guests can have an evening meal from the buffet in the Dining Hall or take the meal into the Restaurant if tables available.

Meet the lady that is "Gaylene's Kitchen"

Meet Gaylene, I must admit her talent as a cook in a working person's environment overshadowed her brilliance as a specialist chef. Now it's time for her to show off to you just how great food can be, even out here in Dandaragan :)

For Country cooking at its best, look no further than "Gaylene's Kitchen" the heart and soul of the Redgum Restaurant at the Dandaragan & Moora District Redgum Village with onsite Country Cuisine Cook Specialist "Gaylene".