Friday, December 11, 2020

All Meals are prepared and cooked in the Redgum Village Kitchen by our onsite Chef and overseen by Redgum owner Gaylene.

Since the appearance of covid-19 Redgum has adjusted to the new way of  delivering our home cooked and prepared meals.

The Restaurant A-La'Carte style was not feasible or cost effective to operate so we served all meals from the bain-marie.

This now only available to in-house guests.

Please enquire if you need any info about having a meal at Redgum without a booked room
( a non in-house guest )

September 2020 as covid-19 restrictions eased we can now let you serve yourself from the selection of hot foods from the bain marie via sanitisers regular deep cleaning of all eating utensils and plates and a series of many covid requirements.

This allows Redgum to be competitive without any shortcuts on the quality or quantity of all meals.
Breakfast - Lunch and Dinner

The pics of food throughout this blog are relevant to what is available and proof of what we can serve you.

Please have a look around and contact us for your individual or company requirements

Lots of love and let us help you stay safe through this testing covid period of time :)


Covid 19 social dining distancing

New combi oven being installed July 2020

One of many bistro options - This has been seriously updated :) 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cafe Meals

Take Away Menu Here                     Dining Menu Here

                     Cafe Menu Here

A sample of dishes from Gaylene's Kitchen for Redgum Dining  in Dandaragan


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Which Dessert Do You Choose?

Dessert In Gaylene's Kitchen are always a treat:

Which one do you prefer, 

The sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce

Or how about the 

"Cherry ripe muffin with strawberries and cream"?

I certainly found it a hard decision, but luckily they were on two separate days!!
Who said you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

In Gaylene's Kitchen at Redgum Village you can :)


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Home Cooked Country Food

Gaylene's Kitchen at the Dandaragan Redgum Village is where preparing a meal is all about taste, quality and great value for money.

When travelling around country towns or working in a country town you should be able to expect real wholesome home cooked food. The heart and soul of country living.

Unfortunately, in this day and age finding that real home cooked food can be a challenge. With more and more businesses chasing the customer’s dollar by cutting corners and delivering pre-cooked meals to cut costs.
In the country this does not work. Your customer, likely you the reader, expects fresh home cooked food and deserves it.
Why come out to the country and find microwave heated plastic dinners? You can get that in the city and get it cheap. Nothing wrong with that, it’s your choice.
Out in the country towns options are limited and the expectation is "we are in the country let’s try some really good ole fashioned home cooked and baked country food".
Straight from the farm and onto the plate, so to speak.

Some places in the bush still do deliver food from the paddock to the dinner table.
Not everyone likes it quite that direct but it can be done.

Then there is the country style home cooked food. 

The beef or lamb has been processed at a commercial abattoir and the vegetables from the city markets delivered to the country based Dining experience refrigerated and fresh.

This is where home cooked meals come to the surface and shine above the rest.
The meat is freshly cooked an hour before you eat it, slow cooked in the oven overnight and finished off through the day to be succulent and moist by dinner time. The vegetables straight out of the cool-room, prepared in the morning and left to rest at room temperature before slow cooking just before being served. 

Keeping the flavour of the vegetable and freshness on the plate for you to enjoy.
As with country cooking there is the special recipe sauce or gravy to blow your socks off and compliment the perfect home cooked meal. 

Dandaragan Olive Oil Article

For dessert, it’s very hard to go past the home made apple crumble, created on the day from apples prepared yesterday and soaking up those secret ingredients. 
The end result a mouth-watering flavoursome apple crumble you thought only your grandmother could make.

No exaggeration, when you come to Gaylene's Kitchen at the Dandaragan Redgum Village you get real country style home cooked food. Prepared and pampered on site fresh every day.
You expect it, you deserve it and you get it, right here guaranteed.

Yes, even guaranteed by Gaylene herself, if it’s not to your expectation or more, then we don't want your money, we have to deserve your approval and only your pleasurable response is acceptable for payment.

For Country cooking at its best, look no further than Dandaragan & Moora District Redgum Village with onsite home country cook specialist Gaylene.